GSSS Classic schedule

Meeting point: Polcanto, Federal Technical Center B. Comanducci.
Reception open: 5pm to 18.30 pm. In case of delay, please advise the GSSS Secretary.
If possible, before arriving at the Technical Center do again full of fuel to your bike.

6 pm: delivery room and the welcome kit.
7 pm: meeting participants and instructors
7.30 pm: welcome speech and presentation of the course by instructors. Attribution of personal pass to participate.
8.30 pm: dinner at Federal Technical Center.

8 am: breakfast in hotel in Federal Technical Center
8.30 am: lessons in classroom; explanation of the objectives of the course and GSSS Method
10.30 am: start of dynamic lesson, divided into two groups according to the capacity of each one (allocation by different colored strips ). The lesson will take place mainly on the glorious roads of the old racing circuit of Mugello, like Futa Pass, Raticosa, Giogo di Scarperia
1.30 pm: stop for lunch along the first route
3.00 pm: second part of the established dynamic lesson: Santerno Valley, Faggiola Pass, Sambuca and Colla passes
6.30 pm: stop of the two groups at the service station to fill up fuel and return to the center in Polcanto
8 pm: dinner at the Federal Technical Center in Polcanto

8 am: breakfast in hotel
9 am: lesson in classroom
10 am: start of  dynamic lesson, according to itinerary: Muraglione Pass, Valley of Meda, Colla Pass
1.30 pm: lunch in route
3 pm: second part of dynamic lesson: individual video shots
6 pm: stop to the service station to make the two groups again full of fuel and return to the Federal Technical Center in Polcanto
6.30 pm: we see and comment all together the video footage
8.30 pm: dinner at the Federal Technical Center

DAY 4 – Departure
8 am: breakfast in hotel
9 am: start of the third route
12.30 pm: return to the Federal Technical Center, delivery certificates, lunch and greetings

Federal Technical Center: Via del Motocross, 7 – 50032 Polcanto (FI), Tel 055.8409688
From Highway A1: exit at Barberino del Mugello, follow the indications for Borgo San Lorenzo to and then for SS302 Faentina, in the direction of Florence; after the small village of Faltona you’ll find on your right the indications for the Technical Center (before reaching the village of Polcanto). Ride very careful on the narrow road uphill into the woods to get to the center.
From Florence: ride onto SS 302 Faentina, you’ll find  the indications for the Technical Center on your left a couple of miles after the village of Polcanto.

Breakfasts and dinners will be at the restaurant of Federal Technical Center.
The lunch of the first two days will be held at local restaurants.
Saturday there will be a light lunch at the end of the course at the Federal Technical Center.

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