GSSS Classic course

The GSSS Method provides great satisfaction for all riders, both beginners and experts, but it is not a course for those who don’t have sufficient autonomy to sit in the saddle: at Polcanto you don’t learn to do the slalom through the cones in a square. Each day the course begins with a lesson of two hours in our classroom, then we sit in saddle and start riding along glorious mountain roads. The routes vary from 100 to 170km per day. Each participant must have his own bike in compliance with the rules of the Italian roads.
Based at the Federal Technical Center “B. Comanducci” in Polcanto (18 km from Florence), the course takes place in the splendid valley of Mugello. In this area there are many roads ​​famous to have been theatre of epic fights in different motor sport events: Giogo, Futa, Raticosa, Colla di Casaglia and the famous pass of Muraglione. Selected sections of the road, very amazing and with low traffic in a lovable area for riding, twists and curves chosen to learn to ride safely gradually improving the way of riding of each one.
The course has a maximum of 15 participants, which will be shared during the sessions of the road in two groups, both followed by an instructor of Italian Motorcycle Federation in order to be observed in a personalized way. The course alternates between lessons and practical exercises, using individual video clips too.
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate including the evaluation of merit (Centaur / Expert / Master).

CAUTION: to participate in the GSSS Classic course, technical and safety clothing is required: jacket and pants with protectors, back protector, boots, gloves, rain suit.

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